Personal loan comparison

A personal loan is suitable for all consumers who need a certain amount of capital for larger purchases. This can mean, for example, a costly renovation, a new car, new home furnishings or other personal wishes.

Personal loan comparison

Almost every household will need financial resources to fulfil its wishes or for urgently needed purchases. Nowadays, however, it is hardly possible to save even more capital for this purpose because of the rising cost of living. Therefore, personal loans are a good alternative for private individuals to make short-term purchases. In addition, it can also be used to combine various forms of financing into one personal loan.

Personal loan: inform yourself about interest rate conditions!

It is important for all consumers that the monthly charges are kept as low as possible. Of course, this also applies to personal loans. Therefore, you should inform yourself in advance about the current interest rate situation at the banks. is a useful tool for this purpose: Here you can compare the respective banks for the personal loan you want. You will also be able to see the latest information on the current interest rate development.

We offer a free loan calculator that will tell you which bank is currently the cheapest on the market. Simply enter the desired amount for the personal loan and your preferred term. Alternatively, you can also enter a monthly instalment that you are willing to pay for the repayment. Shortly afterwards, you will receive a list of all the banks that would be eligible for your personal loan request. Now you can compare the respective providers and their conditions.

The effective interest rate is what counts

At first glance, you will only be able to see the nominal interest rate, but this is not decisive for the comparison. **The effective annual interest rate is more important, because it includes all the fees and costs that you will incur when you apply for a personal loan. Many a bank that has quoted a higher nominal interest rate has turned out to be more favourable because it charges fewer additional costs.

You should also include direct banks, which can undoubtedly grant personal loans to their customers at very attractive conditions. This is because the business is offered exclusively via the internet.

It is also possible to combine several loans into one by means of a personal loan. This can undoubtedly turn out to be favourable if, for example, an older loan still has a high interest rate. The total monthly burden should then also be reduced by quite a bit. A personal loan is aimed exclusively at private individuals, as the name suggests. Self-employed persons, freelancers or entrepreneurs will not be able to make use of it.

The current interest rate is at a low level

Currently, the current interest rate is at a favourable level for the consumer. This means that you will have to pay low monthly instalments for the personal loan. Nevertheless, you should definitely make a comparison in advance: Even if the interest rate is currently favourable, it is still important to find the bank with the best conditions. This way you can save a few extra euros per month.

You can easily compare personal loans here on Simply use our free loan calculator to not only see the amount of the monthly instalment, but also to find the bank with the best interest rates. The direct banks, which can often offer a particularly favourable interest rate, are certainly interesting here. This is due to the fact that business is conducted exclusively via the internet. Nevertheless, you do not have to do without advice, because a telephone hotline is available, for example.

The basic requirements for a personal loan

In order to be able to apply for the desired personal loan, you must have a regular income. This must be proven by means of income certificates for the last three months. In addition, your employment must have existed for at least six months and must not be temporary. A clean Schufa is also one of the basic requirements for the granting of a personal loan. This means that you must not have a negative entry. Your score should also be at a positive level, which will also have a favourable effect on the granting of the desired personal loan.

The best providers in comparison